Friday, June 10, 2005

Disneyland is celebrating their 50th and I was there!

I just got back from Disneyland! It was a blast! My family and I spent 7 days in Anaheim, Ca. and only 3 days at Disneyland, but man, was that enough! It was a great time, we went to the Disney park two days and the California park one day.

Here are some pictures of our trip. Click here

If you are planning on going, here are a few tips:

You probably already know this but if not, make sure you take a booklet to get autographs. It is quite fun! (They sell them there too, cute ones that are commemorative for the 50th!)

Also, if you want mouse ears, they have gold ones for the anniversary. Get them at the Mad Hatter next to the tea cup ride. They are different prices throughout the park and they are $10.50 there and they embroider the name right on the ears! They add a bow for free!

Many of the rides have “Fast Pass” definitely do this! It saves us tons of time. You go and get a pass, then you come back at the designated time. Walk right up, almost no line.

The fireworks show is great, because of the 50th anniversary, it is extra special. If you stay to see it, be sure to sit on the RIGHT side of the princess castle. We sat on the left and our view was obstructed by a tree.

Something fun and not too expensive is to look for the gold 50’s everywhere. They have 50 of them around the park. I tried to take pictures of all of them but only managed to get about half. But it makes for a great scrapbook page!

One suggestion from a fellow “parker” was to get their early and start in the back of the park. Most people start at the front so the rides and shops are really crowded early but the back of the park is all clear.

There is a lot of GREAT information and savings opportunities at Check it out if you get a chance! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, check around…there are some great discounts. If you know someone in the military, active or reserves, they can get 3 days tickets for around $100. **There is also a great Disney Warehouse where you can get some great stuff. Before you leave, print off the 10% coupon! they don’t have the 50th stuff but I did get a cute sweatshirt hoodie that has 2005 on it for $16.00! We went there, looked around and then went to Disney Downtown and got the stuff we wanted that the store didn’t have.

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