Saturday, July 01, 2006

My new Bimmer! Z4 2.5 Roadster

I turned in my Rendezvous in June and bought a BMW Z4 2.5 Roadster! I love it! It rides well and it looks awesome!

As with any expensive thing I buy, there always seem to be challenges.

I had the car a week, got a flat. I took it to Discount Tire, they repair flats for free. But of course, the nail is in the sidewall, unrepairable. So a new tire is needed. AND, of course, BMW has EXPENSIVE tires! The tire is actually a special tire called Run Flat, meaning, it will still work even if you have a flat. This is important because the Z4 doesn't have a spare. So $330 later....a new tire.

Then I drove into the driveway and scraped the lower bumper on the two stone retaining wall! ARGH!!!!

So it is going into the shop on Wed. to get fixed.

But wait! there's more! Today while I was driving around I managed to break the cup holder! Not sure how but apparently the force in my arm is so great that I pushed the holder too far in and it came off the track, nomw itis lodged in the space and won't come out. My only positive thought about it is the warranty may cover it. I will be taking it to BMW after I get the bumper fixed.

You would think this would make me hate the car right?! No, I love the car! Just a few minor issues, very typical for me.

Here are a few pics of the car.

Being a homeowner is @%*& GREAT!

A week ago there was a storm in Dallas. A day later, huge tree limbs fell off the hackberry behind my house, just missing the powerlines. I called several tree specialists and managed to find one that charged a reasonable price. I had to take the whole tree down, it was diseased and was becoming very brittle. :(

The worst part about this is the tree shaded the back half of the house from the afternoon sun, the ac unit too.

Here are some pics I took before the tree was taken down.

Here are some photos of it all gone! (sad)

AFter all that, I was concerned about the ac unit being in the sun all day, hot air going in, hard to cool. I was imagining my electric bill doubling!

so, I decided I needed to shade it while I was waiting for Fall to come around so I can plant another tree.

I bought three sections of trellis and some honeysuckle plants. the trellis looks a little small in the front but I think over time the honeysuckle will actually grow together side to side. I read up on honeysuckle, everything I read said it was fast growing so hopefully it will cover the trellis and shade the ac soon. Check out my frog prince! He is so cute!