Saturday, July 01, 2006

Being a homeowner is @%*& GREAT!

A week ago there was a storm in Dallas. A day later, huge tree limbs fell off the hackberry behind my house, just missing the powerlines. I called several tree specialists and managed to find one that charged a reasonable price. I had to take the whole tree down, it was diseased and was becoming very brittle. :(

The worst part about this is the tree shaded the back half of the house from the afternoon sun, the ac unit too.

Here are some pics I took before the tree was taken down.

Here are some photos of it all gone! (sad)

AFter all that, I was concerned about the ac unit being in the sun all day, hot air going in, hard to cool. I was imagining my electric bill doubling!

so, I decided I needed to shade it while I was waiting for Fall to come around so I can plant another tree.

I bought three sections of trellis and some honeysuckle plants. the trellis looks a little small in the front but I think over time the honeysuckle will actually grow together side to side. I read up on honeysuckle, everything I read said it was fast growing so hopefully it will cover the trellis and shade the ac soon. Check out my frog prince! He is so cute!

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