Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bikram Yoga, Yard Work, Good Day

I got up today thinking I was going to cycle 60 miles around White Rock Lake. I was half dressed when I heard rolling thunder, cycling was not in the cards today. I decided to swap with Sunday and go to Bikram Yoga today and ride tomorrow. So what to do all day if I'm not riding? Tree trimming apparently.

I went to Lowes and bought a limb cutter, one of those pole cutters that cuts limbs. I would have used my typical method of ladder and handsaw but I've already cut the limbs I can reach with that method and my neighbors winch when they see me teetering on the ladder with a sharp blade.

The hardest part of cutting limbs might have been getting the darn thing out of the plastic package. Why are those darn things so hard to get into? I had to use a pair of scissors, a wire cutter and brute strength. I did finally manage to get it put together and cut some limbs. If you decide to try this, these things are not meant for the weak. The pole is not particularly heavy but it is awkward and after some time of straining your neck looking up into the tree, your arms do get tired from the angle.

After I did that I got motivated to plant a small tree I had growing in a pot. Don't think too much of me, it really was a SMALL tree! It's cute though, I am going to call it Greenie. I'll blog about its progress.

After yard work I got ready for yoga. The 4:00 pm class at at Bikram Yoga Dallas was packed. I managed to get a place on the 3rd row. I love Bikram Yoga. It is 90 minutes of me. No one there cares what you look like, who you are outside of the yoga room. Heck, they aren't even looking at you, they are looking at themselves. It isn't a self centered negative thing, it IS a self awareness GOOD thing. I get to spend 90 minutes focused on my mind and my body and making both do exactly what I want them to do. It is an amazing experience. Class today was hard. I guess if it isn't hard you aren't trying hard enough but today was particularly hard, I had to sit out of a few postures. Even so, great class!

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