Thursday, August 20, 2009

The day in the life of a plastic bag

Yesterday I carried groceries for someone. Today I am free and flying around the sky, getting blown from side to side by the wind and gusts from passing cars. It is so nice to be free! I am a little tattered from bumping up against cars, the road and the median barriers but I am not bound by a box or restricted to just holding groceries.

Today I saw the windshield of a grey Tacoma going along 635. Traffic was average I suppose; I barely had time to notice before I was tossed from the Tacoma into the air, flying higher and higher. Free! I flew around most of the day, tossing and turning, bumping into all kinds of things. I finally rested along the side of the road but I am sure with the next big gust of wind I will be up again on my next adventure.

I have the joy of knowing I will be around for a very long time enjoying the breeze, even the sun, rain and snow can’t keep me down. Oh, I might be a little worn for the wear but I will still be around, blowing in the breeze and making a nuisance of myself along the side of the road or in a parking lot. I might join some of my friends along trails or along the off-the-beaten path roads where trash likes to collect. Hopefully I will not be stuck to a fence like my poor friends that find themselves attached to barbwire.

Yes, it will be me, the plastic bag, and cockroaches that will survive after the rest of you are gone. Oh yuck! Cockroaches?! Perhaps I need to rethink this. If you could, could you please help me and recycle me instead? I would much rather be useful than be stuck being the shelter for a cockroach.

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