Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love Getting Free Things!

Today started off just a regular day, I'm taking a vacation day to get ready for my century ride this weekend. But it is turning out to be a money saving day and those are always good days! I just received the opportunity to get four things free, absolutely free! How? Because I sign up for just about any offer that comes my way. Let me explain.

Free Soap
It started with CVS. I have a CVS card and get emails from time to time with coupons. Lately it seems the coupons require some coupon program to be on your computer so I haven't actually used any of the email coupons. Today I got an email for a free item. I clicked on the link and the coupon was right on the link. Free antibacterial soap, no purchase required!

Free Cold Pack
Baylor Medical Center sends me their magazine. I usually flip through it, don't see much of interest and toss it in the recycle. I flipped through this one and there was an insert, fill this out and get a free heart shaped cold press. Cool! I think to myself, I could use one of those. So I filled out the card and mailed it off, postage paid, so that was free too!

Free Drink at Starbucks
On email today Starbucks is giving away a free drink on your birthday. All you have to do is update your online account with your birthday. So, I went online, updated my account and am now waiting for my free drink email! My birthday is in September so I get a free drink really soon!

Free $10 at White House Black Market
White House Black Market has a member club where you save 5% on your purchases and they send you catalogs and coupons. I've been trying to curtail spending so I haven't been using the coupons. Today I received a birthday greeting from them for $10 off. I have to buy something but I could buy something for as little as $10 and get it free! (That assumes they have something for $10 which is unlikely but I could get a knit top or a cute trinket for not much. Might be good to get a nice gift for someone.)

I encourage you to sign up for all kinds of email lists for places you enjoy to go, you never know when they will send you an email for something free! If you don't like getting all that "junk" email in your inbox, set up an email address just for those kinds of email lists. Sometimes it is the little things that make people happy, today free soap, cold press, coffee and $10 did it for me. 

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Melissa said...

AWESOME! I love free things. If you go to Benihana's site and sign up for their program (it's called the Chef's table) you get a free $30 meal in the month of your birthday!! I had shrimp and steak and they took our picture and brought desert!! YUMMY!!