Friday, August 14, 2009

Is my head shrinking?

I’m convinced one of three things is happening to my head: my brain is losing brain matter, my head lost some fat or my hair is thinning. These are the only explanations I can find for my cycle helmet not fitting right anymore. I mean, is there another reason?!

I was riding my bike the other day and noticed my helmet was a little loose. I reached back to adjust it and realized it was as tight as it would go. As I rode around the lake, the wind kept pushing it up a little. Every time I pulled it down I kept feeling like it was looser than last year.

I bought the helmet last year when I was a little heavier. Now I already know my feet expand when I gain weight and shrink when I lose weight so it seems logical my head would also be a little fatty when I gain weight and shrink when I loose weight. Right? So last year when I bought the helmet, I had to get a large men’s. Yes, that’s right, a large MEN’S! There were no women’s helmets that were big enough. So sad. I have rationalized the size of my head to large brain mass, it makes me feel smarter some how. ( I realize this blog is changing that.)

So fat or brain loss? If you don’t believe the fat theory, we can discuss the brain matter theory. So lately I feel like my brain is on vacation. I use to be smart and able to think quick on my feet and lately it takes me longer to get going, I had to get glasses and my brain takes awhile to turn on in the morning. I do Sudoku puzzles to try and keep my brain fresh but age is moving faster than I can do puzzles. If I am loosing brain power, one might assume my brain was shrinking and my head was getting smaller, right?

Ok, you don’t like that theory? How about hair loss? Now this is totally possible. I have very thick hair. I hated it as a child and wished for thin hair. Watch what you wish for. Now as an adult I have thinner hair. So my next thought is maybe my hair has thinned out over the year and THAT is what is making my helmet not fit. Totally possible.

I ran all these theories by my boyfriend. Amazingly, he didn’t find any of my explanations plausible. His response? The padding in my helmet was probably worn out. Oh sure, have the practical answer!

So what do you think? Fat? Brain? Hair? Or just the padding is worn out?

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bejewell said...

I always have to buy the smallest size imaginable when it comes to helmets, hats, etc. Suddenly I'm feeling very stupid.