Monday, August 17, 2009

Recession 101

Have you seen billboards lately that say messages like "Interesting fact about recessions, they end." It is a new effort being overseen by Outdoor Advertising Association of America as a light hearted campaign to remind Americans we can all make it through this. I recently saw one in Dallas on my way back from Austin, it was along IH35 near the Bank of America building. It was definitely noticeable and made me look at it.

I'm not sure they make me feel more secure or that the recession will be over soon. With all the news stories of stocks going up, then down, then up, then down...who could be confident of anything? Businesses are going bankrupt daily, probably hourly and I just heard a news story the other day about EDS here in Dallas laying off people and cutting salaries. I don't think those people think the recession is ending. They probably wonder how they will even make it till tomorrow.

Even so, I do think it is great some one is trying to pass along a positive message. With all the negative economic talk, we sure could use some "glass is half full" motivation. Look them up at or on twitter at

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