Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michael's Goes Small in Manhattan


I just read an article about Michael's Arts and Crafts opening a store in Manhattan. They stocked the store with items geared towards small living spaces. I'm so jealous! And do you know why? Not because they are selling smaller things, although, tiny things do make me want to buy them. No, I am jealous because they expect Martha Stewart to come by! Michael's sells the Martha Stewart line of craft items and she tapes her show there in Manhattan. One of the benefits to Michael's is the opportunity for Martha to make appearances on television. What great brand recognition! I wish I lived there, really want to go to a taping of the Martha Stewart show.

Besides Martha Stewart, I also think it is great Michael's is catering to small space living. They should probably consider that in other stores as well. So many times when I need something all that is available are oversized, over stuffed items. It seems to be an epidemic in America. So it is nice to see they specifically thought about their target market and stocked smaller, slimmer Christmas trees and wreathes, just as an example. The next time I am in NY, I will have to make a point to go by and see all the great things!

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Melissa said...

Oh man! Would it not be so awesome to run into Martha at Michael's? You know Wal Mart also carries her line?