Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four handmade dresses for girls and dolls, so cute!

From Dresses

I just finished making these cute dresses for my nieces and their American Girl Dolls! I haven't sewn anything but squares in some time so my first attempts at the dresses was what I would like to call a practice run; good thing I had extra fabric! I'm so pleased though, they are done and the four dresses, with patterns cost less than $50, way under what matching dresses would have cost at American Girl.

I used McCalls pattern 4338, Simplicity 4786, See & Sew B4161 and McCalls Easy Stitch 'n Save M5351. I made slight modifications to the McCalls 4338 and Simplicity 4786 to get the doll dresses to look as close to the young girls dresses. The patterns have other garment choices so future outfits can be made which is good, I have a feeling now that I've made these, the girls will want more.

If you have other patterns you have used to make matching girl and doll clothes, I would love to know about it, please comment!


Melissa said...

Very cute! I love the mini hangers too. Your nieces are so lucky!

Rachel said...

They love their dresses!! Thanks Auntie! :)