Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ginger finally decides to get some exercise

From Ginger

My cat Ginger decided 2 am was an appropriate time to being her exercise program, right on my bed. I was sound asleep and all the sudden I realized something, apparently Ginger, was rustling around and making circles on the bed. She was in stealth mode as if she was hunting something. I opened one eye to see her crouched down seemingly staring at something but of course I couldn't see anything, I was half asleep. I thought I say a firefly but I think it was just my imagination. Then I thought, on no, there is a bug on the bed and she is trying to get it!

I keep the house at a cool temp at night so the bed is covered with blankets. The top one is a crochet one that has holes it it. ginger kept poking her paws through the holes and moving the blanket around. She thought this was great fun, she must have been at it for at least 5 minutes. Perhaps the longest she has EVER exerted so much energy.

I tried to get her to come sit with me but she was too focused on what she was chasing. I was too tired to care if there was a bug. I figured if there was one, she would get it. And she kept jumping up from time to time so then I thought it might be a moth, she loves to play with them. They on the other hand hate it.

Then, for no obvious reason, she jumps from the bed and runs to the living room where I can still hear her running around. I'm glad she is getting some exercise but really, is 2 am an appropriate time?!

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Melissa said...

Maybe she is losing her mind? That sounds like kitty behavior and she's not a kitty anymore. Or she is in heat?