Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Serious Scrapbookers Can Tackle 409 photos at a Retreat, that is Not Me Apparently

I went to a scrapbooking retreat this past weekend at the Summer Mill Retreat Center in Belton, Texas. It was so nice to get away and focus on something besides work or exercise. I've been a bit remiss in my scrapbooking over the last several years; I seem to get more behind by the day. Sad too since I spent quite a bit of money last year reorganizing my craft room so I would be able to DO more scrapbooking and card making.

Digital photos have also contributed to my lackadaisical attitude towards scrapbooking. I tend to never get around to printing them...except when a retreat comes around, then I just click "all" and print. I printed 409 photos for this retreat. I think I discarded at least 30 - 40 because they were blury or I had too many of the same basic shot. ­­­­There was a discussion at the retreat about digital scrapbooking but to me there is just something about cutting pictures and adding embellishments to a page that can't be duplicated 100% through digital scrapbooking. I'll stick to the "manual" version for now and hopefully stay more on top of things in 2010.

I did manage to get over 60 pages scrapbooked which gets me up to the yoga competition I participated in last year in November. Just two more major events; the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon and Christmas to scrapbook and we can call 2009 done!

It's a far cry from the over 100 pages I use to finish in my "younger" days but it is pretty good for a rusty old scrapbooker. I've decided scrapbooking is like running, you need to train if you are going to go the distance. I shouldn't expect to complete 100 + pages when I haven't done anything to prepare for the event! Heck, I printed photos the day before I left. Plus, my mind hasn't thought about scrapbooking since the LAST retreat.

And they had a Cricut there for us to use, oh my gosh, it is awesome. But everyone probably knows that right? I think I must be the last person in the world to try and use one. It made amazing letters and shapes, very versatile. I sat there for quite some time cutting out words for all my pages. It was great, I had the choice of size and font type and it cute letters out perfectly. But man, what a time sucker! I spent hours at the Cricut, time I could have spent putting pictures on a page. Does anyone else feel like the Cricut is a like a catch - 22? It is great; gives lots of options for adding words or embellishments to pages but it takes a lot of time to glue the letters down and just figuring out which font to use took time.

I see 2010 being a year to refocus my life towards many things I have let fall to the wayside, scrapbooking being just one of those. I'll post more throughout the year on my progress. If you have scrapbooking stories, would love to hear them!


Melissa said...

I really want to get into digital scrap booking, I think. I have a friend who did it a bit before she had three babies in three years. I need to research more.

How do these retreats work? Do you bring all the stuff you have and want to use? Or do they sell paper and embellishments there? I always imagined if I could just set up camp in a scrap booking store, with a limitless credit card, I could do well. HA!

ThatsMyTri said...


Each retreat is different, it depends on who is hosting and what they have as a business model. In general my experiences have been scrapbooking retreat hostesses maintain a selection of product for sale from albums and pages to stickers and paper packs.

Everyone also brings all their materials from home. I usually have 2 bags full of materials, a bag with albums in it and a bag or box full of pictures to be scrapbooked.

I think retreats are super fun and they provide dedicated time to working on your memories. I highly recommend them, it is about the only time I get to work on my scrapbooks now!