Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life Lessons by "Sleepless in Seattle"

Watching "Sleepless in Seattle" on E and the part where they are in Annie's office talking about the phone call just came on. The guys in the office are fascinated over the fact that 2000+ women have called in to talk to this guy and state, "You are more likely to get killed by a terrorist than get married if you are over 40." Really? This is what we said in 1993? Frightening. If this is the case, I should have married my first love in college. Little did I know I was setting myself for better odds of being killed by a terrorist!

I am now not paying any attention to "Sleepless in Seattle", I am now freaked out about almost turning 40 and not being married! I think my first order of business tomorrow will be to get out and meet the man I am suppose to marry! LOL

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