Thursday, March 04, 2010

Playing with Fondant with My SIL

Fondant Fairies
From Drop Box

I spent yesterday with my sister-in-law hanging out; we had a wonderful time making these adorable fairies out of fondant. It is really very hard,so much detail work! I had never worked with fondant before so I helped with the simple things like the legs. :) I tried to make the arms but they looked more like linebackers than fairies. We made several versions before we settled on these. Aren't they adorable?

My sister-in-law makes cakes and has a wonderful blog with recipes and cake decorating ideas. She is making a fairy cake for a client that these little fairies will sit on.


Melissa said...

That is so cool. I didn't know Rachel was doing that- I am totally jealous. I have tried/attempted many feats with cakes. I love it. I am a die hard fan of all the baking shows on tv, especially Ace of Cakes.

These fairies are so cute. I wish Rachel lived here- I'd commission her to make N's first birthday cake.

Miss you!!

Rachel said...

That was so fun Carolyn! I couldn't have done the fairies without you!! I loved hanging out with you and doing crafts!! Just like the good ol' days! ;)