Saturday, January 22, 2011

Create Decorative Scrapbook Spines with Cricut

I got a Cricut cutting system for Christmas! I was so excited. I played around with one at a scrapbooking retreat about a year ago. Wasn't sure it was right for me but every time I have to buy new sticker letters or die cuts, I think about the Cricut. And wow, I didn't realize just HOW much I would like it! 

I took it with me recently on a scrapbooking retreat and used it the entire time I was there. Here are a few examples of some simple things I created. Still learning; these were pretty easy but really brought out the details of the page.

This page from Dash Down Greenville 5k Run has accents from the Sweethearts Cartridge. I used the Heart flowers in two different colors of green to make them look like shamrocks. 

For this Snow in Dallas page I used the Ashlyn's Alphabet Cartridge.

This 4th of July journal box was made with the frame setting and cutting out the phrase "4th of July" from the Stand and Salutes Cartridge.

Once I got home I was reminded I need to get my albums embossed so I know what dates each covers. It can be expensive per spine and I have 8 to do! Then the Cricut came to mind. What if I made a sort of name plate and used some decorative ribbon to attach it? Hmmm....After a few trial cuts I think I figured out a good look. 

This look depends on how your albums are created and how thick they are. My albums are all Creative Memories albums and all are quite thick. 

Here you can see my already embossed album spines and my new date plate spine create with the Cricut. 

 I used the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge for the oval and Opposites Attract for the letters. The ribbon is cut from some sheer ribbon I got from Michael's. Mine happens to be grey/silver but you could use anything that coordinated. 

I used the So Saffron yellow from Stampin Up. It was the closest I had to the color of yellow of the album. I cut the oval at size 4" and a shadow in black. Numbers are 1" tall from Opposites Attract

There are lots of "tags" in the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge; I plan on trying some other versions later. If you try this technique, let me know, would love to see other ideas! 

Glue numbers on, then thread ribbon through the top through the back, up through the bottom. Glue number plate (oval) to the oval back. Tip: Let it fully dry to make sure it is dry and secure. I noticed mine is pulling away a little on the sides.
Then tie to the spine securely with not very much  wiggle room(but not to tight as to crease the spine) and wrap it so the knot is on the back side like below.  You can move number plate up and down depending on where you want the label. If you want to make a bow or tie, leave the excess ribbon on the front instead of wrapping it to the back. Replace your spine. 

This can be done with permanent spines too as long as you have room to thread the ribbon through top to bottom.

Inside of spine; knot is on this side unless you want a decorative tie.

Here are additional ones I created in silver instead of a color that matches the album. 

I am fascinated with what the Cricut can do, I hope to post more of my creations soon!

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