Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fingerless Gloves Galore!

I wanted to post these before the holidays but I got an order for a bunch of these and that pretty much kept my hands busy till Christmas!

Handmade fingerless gloves

I decided to pick up my knitting needles again and see if I could make something function, that I could sell on my etsy site. This all started because I ran in the 2010 White Rock Marathon Relay and I was really wishing I had some of those cheap throw-away gloves. (People wear them when they start but once they are warm they just toss them to the side, volunteers come by and pick them up and usually donate them to a shelter.)

But in my crafty mind I was trying to think of how I could make some myself. I taught myself to knit so I only know some basic stitches. I've seen plenty of tv shows and videos on how to knit and all of them seem pretty complex when it comes to knitting in the round, like for fingers. During yoga sometimes my mind wanders and it starts to think on its own about things. Most recently it was about gloves and how I could knit some. I decided fingerless gloves would be perfect. I could tuck my fingers into them to keep them warm but they would also allow me to still use my fingers (important in today's tech world). And the best fingers to knit!

After a few attempts, I made what turned out to be a pretty nice looking pair of fingerless gloves.

Green fingerless gloves

During the holidays I let my nieces try them on. They were too big but it did give me the idea to make smaller ones for girls. Here is a picture of some I made recently for my niece...I knitted tiny flowers for the front of them too.

Enjoy...and don't be shy, feel free to buy some on etsy!

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