Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabric bulletin boards made easy

New custom fabric bulletin board I created for a client. These are fairly easy to do, below are the basic steps to create your own. This particular one is 2' x 2'.

Materials needed:
  • 2' x 2' plywood. Thickness is up to you. I picked one that was thick enough for nail heads. 
  • 2 spools of grosgrain ribbon. 
  • Ruler
  • Staple gun (I used 5/8 staples)
  • Decorative fabric
  • Coordinating backing fabric
  • Tape
  • Mallet
  • Needle Nose Pliers

For this one since the overall size was small, I used the ruler as a guide to space the ribbon. The larger the board the wider you can make the space between ribbons. I taped down the ribbons into place and wrapped the ribbon around the side so it was easy to staple down.

Once the fabric and ribbons were stapled on, I took off most of the tape and used the mallet to pound the decorative nail heads in. This takes some work. I recommend buying extra packages. I used the needle nose pliers to hold the nail in place while I hammered it in. You don't have to put nails in at the edge where the ribbons cross unless you are not framing. I frame mine so I don't use nails on the edges.

I added a backer piece of fabric just to finish off the piece. Not that anyone sees the back but it completes the work. Now it is ready for a frame.

I made one of these a few years ago and bought an old picture that had an awesome frame, took the picture out and put my bulletin board in the frame. I was trying to recreate the awesome bulletin board that was behind Rachel's desk on Friends. I'm not sure that was the best idea I ever had, the frame cost me $200. But, it was and still is an awesome looking bulletin board! If you are looking to frame yours, I suggest thinking about making your board the size of a standard frame that you can get for less money at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

Here is my original fabric bulletin board.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Custom screen printed yoga mat towels

Another success with the YUDU screen printing machine! I made these custom towels for the yoga studio where I teach. We had a grand re-opening party and honored several people that had been coming to the studio since the beginning. Each towel is custom printed with their name and date they started. (I removed the names for the sake of the posting.)

I used the Manduka equa mat towel. These towels are great to screen print, they are thick with a suede like texture. After screen printing I folded the towels and wrapped them with a ribbon to finish off the gift.

Mustache or whales? A tank with two tales...or tails as it were.

I created a one-of-a-kind tank top for a friend, out of her own drawing, with my new YUDU screen printing machine. She drew a picture of a mustache, then, added a few extra details and made it into two cute whales. I thought it was so cute I made it into a cute tank for her as a going away gift.

I used to edit the image so just the whales and waves were left.

Image after editing in

I used an American Apparel tank in heather grey with black ink. 

Final tank!

I love my new YUDU machine! It is so awesome to be able to make custom printed shirts whenever I want!