Friday, April 29, 2011

Mustache or whales? A tank with two tales...or tails as it were.

I created a one-of-a-kind tank top for a friend, out of her own drawing, with my new YUDU screen printing machine. She drew a picture of a mustache, then, added a few extra details and made it into two cute whales. I thought it was so cute I made it into a cute tank for her as a going away gift.

I used to edit the image so just the whales and waves were left.

Image after editing in

I used an American Apparel tank in heather grey with black ink. 

Final tank!

I love my new YUDU machine! It is so awesome to be able to make custom printed shirts whenever I want!


Melissa Edwards said...

That is really cool- when did you get this machine?

ThatsMyTri said...

Melissa, I got it a few months ago. I screen printed the rental towels at the studio, this tank and some custom towels for our party. Oh, and I made special t-shirts for Karen and David, the owners of Bikram Yoga Dallas. It is so fun! You can screen print anything. I've got some ideas for other things to screen print...but right now my plate is full!