Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers: Happy Mother's Day! (Cards using the Cricut Design Studio Software)

I decided to try the Cricut Design Studio software again and make a few Mother's Day cards. I researched the software a few months ago, bought a cord, watched a few videos, tried to use it and gave up. I encountered a few problems. I have a netbook, not a full computer so buying the cd was not an option as I don't have a cd player. I also wasn't too keen on purchasing the software without trying it out first. I saw lots of videos showing how you could download the trial version and just use the fonts on your computer but I couldn't make that work. The trial version does work with the cartridge that came with the Cricut but I must have been having a bad mental day because I tried it and couldn't make it work.

Earlier this week though I decided to give it another go. I had a choice, buy Mother's Day cards or make them. I opted to make cards since I have an entire room dedicated to crafts...I have a lot of craft stuff including an entire section dedicated to stamps, paper and other card making things - I'm like a mini Michael's Store.

My goal was to learn how to "weld" the letters together to make a continuous title. After a few messed up cuts I finally got it right! Wow, they looked great! Perfectly connected words ready to be added to cards or scrapbooking pages.

After cutting out "Mother's Day", I cut tiny flowers out of printed paper and backgrounds for the flowers out of complimentary solid colored paper. 

Cricut cutting the flower backgrounds, beginnings of a card!

Here is the completed card. The letters and flowers are from the George and Basic Shapes that came with my Cricut machine. I added a matching printed backing and a pink ribbon in the corner. Each flower also has a colored brad as the center.

For myy second card I created a repeat pattern of "Happy" for the outside of the card and added glitter to each word. This could be used for any occasion, I might actually make up a few of these just as extra cards. For this one I added an all in one "Happy Mother's Day" to the inside of the card. I also added a flower background to the cut so it was all in one.



Here is what the design studio software and Cricut set up for the front of the card.

My last card I used the same design of the inside of the last card and added more flowers. I used several different paper patterens for the flowers. The background for the flowers is part of the title and everything was done in grey. I used brads again in vintage metal tones for the insides of the flowers. A textured pink ribbon adds the final touch.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Melissa Edwards said...

Really cool! You are the best and I am sure your mama loved the card(s)!