Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Happy Father's Day card for my daddy

As a busy crafter, sometimes I find I want to just but premade things instead of making them. I know, shame on me! Lol

Unfortunately or fortunately, crafting is a hobby and not my job so I sometimes run out of time to make cute and thoughtful things. On the flipside, I tend to feel guilty as store bought cards somehow make me feel like I didn't care ENOUGH to make time to make a card. What a dilemma!

Just fyi to anyone that receives a store bought card from me, with all the great card selections, it can be hard work finding the perfect premade card!

I did manage to have a few hours where I made my dad a card but it was only after I had gone through the above delimma in my head.

This card is not my own design. I'm pretty sure it was in a Cricut newsletter I got though I couldn't find it when I was trying to come up with what to create. I also am pretty sure it is a fairly standard design.

I measured out a shape for the tie and folded it over the blue piece of paper. I cut "DAD" out of red paper using the Opposites Attract Cricut cartridge. I popped it off the card with some pop dots.