Friday, December 30, 2011

Handmade Kindle Fire Cover

I made this Kindle Fire cover after looking for some online and seeing a few I liked but not liking the price. The best one I saw was a Kate Spade teal blue one that is $99 on Amazon. I love it; it seems so Tiffany-esque and Martha  Stewart-ish yet has the Kate Spade cute little logo on it. LOVE IT! But, don't love the price. 

So I started looking online at other ones and found that several styles have the elastic bands around the four corners. This seems to be acceptable, though several reviews questioned the longevity of the elastic. There also seemed to be several that had plastic clips the kindle would "clip into", that seemed harder to replicate. 

I also found a few reviews of a cover that had an elastic band around the front to keep it closed, similar to a Moleskin journal, which a friend pointed out to me earlier today. 

So I thought to myself, can I make one of these? How hard is it? It's a square that folds over. 

As I do often, I thought very carefully about the construction during the many savasanas in yoga class. No, we are not suppose to think during class and certainly not how to make cool crafts but sometimes the mind wanders and gets stuck on technical aspects of design. 

By the time I was done with class I had decided I knew what I wanted and how to constructed it. I went to Jo-ann's Fabrics and bought two fabrics, a basic black faux suede, a decorative outer fabric and some elastic.
It took me a couple of try's but here it is! The custom made Kindle Fire cover. 

Cover open with Kindle inside

Closed cover with elastic closure

Detail of the elastic bands around the corners.

Left inside flap with pocket to hold notes.

More up close detail of the straps.

I can only assume this is scalable to an ipad but since I don't have one I don't know. Anyone have a broken ipad they want to mail to me for free? :)