Sunday, April 08, 2012

Crafting a Raised Garden Bed on the Cheap

Have you ever shopped at Aldi? It is a grocery store that has what I would call off brand items and their selection is limited to maybe one or two brands per item. The deals are good and they have "Special Buys" each week. This week they have gardening items and I picked up a few of them to start my gardening efforts. I've been wanting to grow my own vegetables for awhile now, this seemed like a good push in the right direction.

I bought two of the raised bed kits. They are less than $30 and perfect for a beginner gardener. They were easy to put together, I only needed a drill, everything else comes in the kit. The kit even shows you different configurations you can make depending on the number of kits you buy.

I chose to just do two simple 4' x 4' beds. I filled them with my own compost...and used a plastic wheel barrel I got from Aldi last year. They have the same one right now on sale for about $30.

I also bought four of the berry plants, two raspberry and two blackberry. I planted them along the back fence, something I have wanted to do for years.

After working in the yard for two days, it is finally looking a little more like a yard and less forgotten.

Here is the start to the beds, maybe I'll actually plant something soon.

Custom First Year Babysuits, One for Each Month

I recently made these custom one piece bodysuits for a friend that loves to take photos of her kids each month. I saw the idea on the Martha Stewart Show and loved it! I was so happy when I had the opportunity to try it out myself.

Martha Stewart provides templates for the 12 months, you can get them here.  I wanted mine to be more custom so I created my own, you can get my templates here.

This is a relatively easy process although I have to admit, it was quite time consuming to create the templates. I used a free program,, to create the templates. It isn't the easiest program to use but it is free. I am sure if I had real design software, or skills, I could have done it much faster.

Once the templates were made, the rest of the process was easy. I printed off the templates using iron on transfer paper. Then I cut out each circle. I customized each with the babies name (that is the blurred out part.) The name I cut out separately.

I used three 0-3 months, three 3-6 months, three 6-9 months, three 12 months. The bodysuits seem to come in quantity packages that don't correspond with this project well, on the positive side, it gives you a few to try and mess up on, or extra blank ones to give the mom.

If you make these or some of your own design, let me know, would love to see! Craft on.