Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My New Custom Kindle Fire Cover is Even Better than the Last One!

Recently I had a run in with a cup of coffee and the coffee won. I was sitting with my dad and a friend trying to get our day started at specialty products show, the lid of the coffee was not secured well (user error) and coffee spilled out. I didn't notice because my purse was on my lap, coffee poured into my purse and all over the contents, including my Kindle Fire Cover.

Coffee stained Kindle Fire Cover

The problem is not so much the stain, although that is annoying, it is the smell. I was pretty sure the cover was a gonner, and decided to ditched it. My purse on the other hand was not something I could ditch so I had to live with a stinky purse the entire time. Needless to say I was thankful I had a zipper to keep it closed most of the time.

When I got home I made a new cover, one with pretty, vibrant flowers. I love this fabric, it just SEEMS happy doesn't it?!

New Red Floral Cover, available on Storenvy!

I also recently had several custom covers, one for my dad for fathers day, one for my niece for her Galaxy tablet and one for her friend. Check out how cute they came out!

Father's Day Kindle Fire Cover

This one I made for my niece, she loves peace symbols. It fits her Galaxy tablet perfectly! 
Custom cover for my niece; this one is also available on Storenvy.

This one I made at the request of my niece for a friend of hers that recently got a Kindle Fire. I took photos of different fabrics and she picked out which one she wanted to use.
Custom Kindle Fire Cover
Most of these covers are available at my store on Storenvy. If you are interested in a custom cover, email me...or you can make your own with these instructions